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There has been an explosion of young people getting into gardening. Convenient and easy to use indoor garden kits and zero soil growing systems are bringing more young and busy people into the hobby of growing stuff indoors.

There has been a “big comeback” of indoor gardening, especially in cities where people often do there gardening in a small apartment and on tiny terraces. Greenhouse space, rooftops, gardens, or even balconies are a luxury for urban gardeners.

For northern gardeners, harsh winters and better quality indoor gardening systems have allowed Greenhouse Fanatics to move their garden activities indoors during long winters. The evolution of LEDs is a big part of why these systems have become more accessible.

In the ever-developing garden kit market, there are experts that rule out the overly complicated kits. For the team at Greenhouse Fanatics, we see most of the ‘over the complicated’ systems as having a steep learning curve.

That said let’s look at some small garden kits to get growing.

Best Garden Kits for Herbs

Click & Grow Smart Garden Indoor Garden Kits

˅˅ If you need more space ˅˅

Our pick for the best garden kit for herbs!

This system will allow you to grow your favourite plants year round. With its shallow tray, we find it best suited for growing herbs. The system is said to be silent and easy to use with everything builtin to the system including pods with nutrient solution and pH stabilizers already part of the pod.

With its wide selection of pre-seeded plant pods, there are over 50 different pre-seeded plant pods. They also have seedless pods to grow anything you want.

Garden Kits

AeroGarden Sprout LED With Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

Our pick for the most compact garden kit for herbs!

This system compact 3 pod system is great for those minimal space. With a maximum, adjustable height of 15 1/2″ (10″ max growing area) you can easily place this all-in-one system anywhere in your home. It is stylish as well coming in Black, Red, Teal, and white.

Its lighting is high-performance, with a full-spectrum 10-watt lighting system.

If you are looking for that small aeroponics starter system this one is for you!

Best Garden Kits for Microgreens

Deluxe Kitchen Crop 4-Tray Seed Sprouter

Our pick for the most compact garden kit for microgreens!

Wow, this one is compact. With its round shape and small size, you can place it anywhere. With sprouts ready in 4-6 days your salads will never be the same. Its modular design all for the growing of multiple types of sprouting seeds.

Easily converts to springtime duty. With an impressive amount of tray space for new seedlings. With its easy roll casters and lightweight design, you can easily move this around the house.

26 Microgreens

Seed Sprouter Tray BPA Free with Lid

Our pick for the most kid-friendly garden kit for microgreens!

There are many options for efficient seed sprouter trays. We like this one for its simplicity. This is one where the kids can get involved. Great for sprouting all kinds of beans.

With its included lid you will be able to grow faster by preserving the heat and moisture you will have high budding rates.

Best Garden Kit for Vegetables

Mr. Stacky Smart Farm – Automatic Self Watering Garden

This vertical aeroponic tower garden comes with 5 large stacking planters a 16-gallon reservoir, a pump, timer, water distribution head, starter plant food, all pipes, tubes, and adapters.

This system is great for indoors and outdoors.

Best Garden Kits for Fungi

This is three of our favourite garden kits for fungi. For each of them, everything is included in the box. With proper care, you will see many harvests of great tasting mushrooms. Be careful with mushroom kits as they are fun to grow and you may become a Fungi Fanatic.

Best Garden Kits for Indoor Farming | for Fanatics

Indoor Grow Light, 3-Tier Stand SunLite Light Garden With Plant Trays

Bring the garden indoors this winter. Our save your window plants from the winter blues with this nearly perfect solution. This indoor grow light system won’t disappoint! Excellent quality, adjustable lights, very portable.

Easily converts to springtime duty. With an impressive amount of tray space for new seedlings. With its easy roll casters and lightweight design, you can easily move this around the house.

Adjusting the light fixtures is a breeze with a built-in chain system.

AeroGarden Farm Plus Hydroponic Garden, 24″ Grow Height

This is one of the most extreme of all the growing systems we have seen. It has every feature you can think of even WIFI. This one has a large growing space so you will need some serious real estate for this one.

To master growing stuff indoors start small, learn at your own pace, and read up on the topic whenever you can.

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